Stop Saying Jehovah!

Attention Christian musicians, pastors, teachers, and well-meaning and well-intentioned people who claim to follow Jesus everywhere.

Please stop using the word Jehovah. That is not God’s name, and… I cannot emphasize this enough…

…Jehovah is not a real word!

God’s proper name as recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures is not, was not, and will never be pronounced “Jehovah.” The tetragrammaton, the name of God as written in Scripture, The Name that Orthodox Jews choose to not utter so as not to inadvertently blaspheme is not “Jehovah.”

The Hebrew letters yod-heh-vav-heh are properly pronounced (as best we know how) Yahweh, not Jehovah.

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Saint John of the Cross – The Dark Night and The Living Flame of Love


Who was he?

Saint John of the Cross (1542 – 1591) was a major figure of the Counter-Reformation, a Spanish mystic, a Roman Catholic saint, and a Carmelite friar and a priest. His writings are considered the height of Spanish mysticism and perhaps all of Spanish literature. He was canonized as a saint in 1726 by Pope Benedict XIII and made a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XI.
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